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Mike has 40+ years playing experience including performances with nationally recognized artists: Holly Hoffmann/Mike Wofford  2016, 2015, 2012, Halie Loren  2011, Mimi Fox ‘03, Herb Harris ’02, John Gross 01, Mike Smith 2000, Ritchie Cole ‘97, Andrei Kitaev ‘96 and Meredith d’ Ambrosia ’86, and various northwest groups including: The Larry Ward Band, Barbara Healy Band, Paul Biondi, Dave O’Toole Quartet, John Workman Quartet, Bill Beach, Barbara Dzuro Quartet and Duo, Bill Sabol Quartet, Dave Krenz Quartet, Michelle & Dave Van Handle, Charles Dowd Trio, Jay Hatch, Bob Regan, Rod Furlott, Don Latarski, Olem Alves, Jim Douglas, Gus Russell, Mike Denny, Tim Clarke and many others.

While attending the University of Oregon Mike performed with the U of O Symphony,       U of O Jazz Ensemble, as well as a number of small jazz groups.

Bass Clinician at the Pleasant Hill Jazz Festival 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012,  2011

Bass Summit – “What’s My Line” Pleasant Hill Jazz Festival 2017. Got a chance to talk shop with a group of 6-12 graders.  I wasn’t quite able to cram 40+ years of experience in to my 50-minute time slot, but we were able to discuss some important roles of the jazz bass player. What a Blast!  Bass Summit 2017

2019 Pleasant Hill Jazz Fest ‘Rhythm Section Clinic’

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CD’s Include

Aaron Anderson “In a Mellow Tone” 2004

Olem Alves/Mike Hanns “Live at Tino’s” 2002

Lyn Berg “Standards” 2001

Barbara Dzuro/Mike Hanns “The Living Room Sessions ” 2000

Larry Ward Quartet “A Love So Rare” ‘99

Mike Hanns and Dave Krenz Quartet “Live At Jo Fed’s” ‘98

Barbara Healy Band “Mama Told Me Not To Look” ‘97

Michelle VanHandel “Say It With Jazz” ‘94

And many more.

mikehanns-2Mike Hanns w/Rod Furlott Video

More Videos with Mike Hanns & Rod Furlott

On Green Dolphin Street

Blue Bossa

Donna Lee




Blues for Alice

 Mike Hanns w/Swing Shift performing ‘Work Song’; Special guests Holly Hofman (flute) and Mike Wofford (piano)

Seth Kimmel is a builder of Double Bass Violins here in Eugene Oregon.

Every once in a while Seth will invite me over to check out a new bass, which is a blast and an honor.  Check it out # 23.   Seth Kimmel Double Bass #23

Pfeiffer Trio 4-25-15




Oakway Flyer Russell 7.14.2018

Uncorked Jazz Trio  Final


Havin’ some fun at Detroit Lake


Mike Hanns is also a Real Estate Broker

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